Jepara Bumi Kartini

What's your city known for?


My city is known as the hometown of Indonesia's emancipation of women figure, Kartini. Her birthday is commemorated every April 21th, where women in Indonesia wears kebaya on that day. There's this saying: Jepara Bumi Kartini. It means Jepara is Kartini's Earth, or something like that… hehe… sounds weird in English.

Jepara is also known for its furniture production. There are so many furniture company here. Especially for wooden furniture and wood carving. It is known as the city of carving.

And when people ask me where I come from and I answer Jepara, their reaction is like, "Oh, Persijap?" Persijap is Jepara's football team.

I think that's all… So, do you know my city? 🙂

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