Inside My Dad’s Wallet

I’m so bored tonight at home. At the moment like this I usually just wander and sit for a while, from one room to another. Kurang kerjaan banget, I know.

This time I end up in my parents’ room. I saw my dad’s wallet and curious to see what’s inside. I’m not surprise that the wallet is thin and empty. Dad never puts money in wallet, besides he always give all money he has to Mom. When he needs some he’ll ask from Mom.

Without further ado, here are things in Dad’s wallet:
– KTP (ID Card)
– Driving License
– And this is what surprise me: 100 IDR bill from year 1992! Whoa… Even though I can’t spend it, I want to steal it somehow… Hehe… *evil laugh*

But no, how could I steal from my Dad. Maybe he’ll give it to me if I just ask. What for? I don’t know. Just so I can keep a 19 years old bill that you can’t spend.

Have you ever secretly checked your Dad’d wallet. What did you find? Tell me! 🙂

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