Quote #8

There would be times where our loved ones would be gone forever, but we ourselves that are still living must carry on our lives and must not dwell in the sadness. Although the person is not here anymore, it’s our love towards them that keep them alive, deep in our hearts and memories.

49 Days, 2011

2 thoughts on “Quote #8

  1. I lost my best friend of 2o+ years nearly a year ago to inflammatory breast cancer. It hurts less and less. I remember the goofy stuff we did in high school. I remember what she taught me about being a teacher (she taught lower elementary school for 10 years) and I’m and ESL teacher overseas. Every day, in something I do, or something a student does, I see Melanie. She may be gone, but definitely not forgotten.

    Luv ya hun. You were one hell of a gal.

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