I Just Kicked Out An Opportunity…

…to have a new job.

I still looking for a job located near my home. And yesterday I got accepted to work at a place near my home. So near that I wouldn’t have to waste my precious 2 hours everyday on the road. The salary is pretty much the same with my current job now. The thing is that they asked me to hand over my original diploma while I work at this new place. The owner reasoned that he’s looking for a trusted employee, therefore he need to keep my original diploma to prevent me from BETRAY him.

I couldn’t comply with that request of course. Because why would do that? I mean, my diploma is my precious. Even here, in my company they only need the copy. I myself a trusted person to my boss. He doesn’t even look at my profile when I applied for the job. He just trusts me.

Call me stupid but I just will never ever hand over my original diploma for a job. Even a job with a very very high salary? Probably yes. Because what if the job turns out sucks? What if I want to quit, but they won’t let me to and keep hold my diploma? And the worst case scenario, what if they LOST it? How do I get the replacement?

Besides, when you get someone’s integrity and loyalty by withstand his/her precious, isn’t that too forcing? And my loyalty can not be forced.

Btw, there was a social compliance audit conducted in my company few weeks ago. And the auditor said that no company should hold any employee’s original diploma. That’s why I insist not to give my diploma easily.

And because of my decision they won’t hire me. Whatever. I’d rather take two hours on the road everyday than hand over my diploma.

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