I feel so bored… It’s not that nothing happened. My life is not that flat, happy and sad things come and go. Something terrible happened to my teenage boy Yasir. It was because his own doing, and he knows that. But I just don’t know how to console him. I wish I were a brother, not a sister. What makes me feel worse is that we’re not that close. What kind of sister I am??

Last May, my boss was leaving on a trip for almost two weeks. He didn’t come to office for almost a month. And his absence has turned me into a super lazy secretary. There was not much to do, it’s low season. Still I feel bad when I have nothing to do. I’m being paid here, remember?

In my spare time at work (yes, at work) I’m reading Goong manhwa. The story bring me back to my highschool years when I first watched the drama. Hehehe…

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