High School Reunion

Last Sunday my high school held a reunion for its graduates. Everyone from class of 1987 – 2012 were invited. I decided to come not for the sake of the event but just to meet my friends. Turned out the event was kind of flat and meh so I didn’t enter the main hall where the ceremony was held. 😀

Instead I joined Vivo in her cosmetic booth and enjoyed some chit chat with the girls, and selling some beauty products. Hehehe. I was happy to meet my friends and former teachers. Sadly, I couldn’t meet my favorite English teacher who’s also my homeroom teacher because she doesn’t teach in this school anymore.

This is what I wore:

The bag belongs to Vivo.

The bag belongs to Vivo.

At night in the same day was Malam Nisfu Sya’ban. At Kalinyamatan an event called Pesta Lampion was held. It was like a lantern parade where the kids from local schools participated. There was also theater groups represented historical story of Sultan Hadlirin and Ratu Kalinyamat.

Most people were enthusiast to watch the parade just the see the pretty girl who portrayed Ratu Kalinyamat. For me, the girl who portrayed Ratu Kalinyamat this year was pretty. So pretty she looked scary and gave me chilling gosebumps just by looking at her. Don’t get me wrong, Ratu Kalinyamat was a woman of courage, and I think the pretty girl portrayed the queen so well. Bravo to the make up artist.

Now if only I could watch a sageuk-like drama of Ratu Kalinyamat and Sultan Hadlirin…

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